20. Coronavirus Escape from Phillippines with Michael Michelini

"It's just another anti-globalization, anti-world travel, anti-travel event"
Michael Michelini

Michael Michelini is the founder and host of Global From Asia, a cross-border e-commerce community with four divisions including media, events, trips, and platforms.

In this episode, Michael is telling his story of how he escaped lockdown in the Philippines and flew to China to reunite with his family. Learn how he is doing during his obligatory 14-days quarantine in a hotel room and why it feels strange to be a foreigner in Chine these days. Hear Michael and Kevin discuss how coronavirus pandemic is hurting globalization and world trade. Stay tuned till the end to hear their predictions when the whole situation will normalize.


Time Stamps:

  •  01:33 – Michael’s update on how coronavirus affected his life
  • 03:00 – Escape from Philippines quarantine
  • 08:20 – Obligatory quarantine upon arrival in China
  • 10:30 – Being a foreigner in China is different due to coronavirus
  • 11:40 – Situation in the Philippines
  • 13:00 – Coronavirus is changing how nations and societies interact
  • 14:15 – “It’s just another anti-globalization, anti-world travel, anti-travel event” – Michael Michelini 
  • 17:09 – Predictions on when the situation will finally stabilize
  • 19:10 – “More people gonna have to go work online, even the education system will have to change.” – Michael Michelini 
  • 20:00 – Being a digital nomad and world travel in these times